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New Video - Mary's World (Dec 2022)

“MARY’S WORLD” is from MH the Verb's latest album Jupiter Sci-fi, which is rooted in Afrofuturism & social activism. It serves as the latest installment in the Afronaut saga, a conceptual multimedia series based on Black futurism and radical joy.

The song was originally recorded in 2013 as a gift for a friend's birthday. The lyrics positively portray the story of a woman coming into her own power and experiencing extreme joy with a group of friends celebrating her birthday. It was heavily inspired influenced by the alternative Hip Hop artists like Kid Cudi and abstract hip hop classics like Outkast's Stankonia and Q-Tip's The Renaissance while still translating a new and unique sound.

The “MARY’S WORLD” video is a selection from a 5 part series of music visuals shot on location at Skyranch Cannabis, an organic cannabis farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. MH wrote the treatments for the project while staying in a cabin on the farm during the pandemic. The project was shot in August 2021 with a 15 production crew of POC creatives from the Bay Area community. The video features positive depictions of people of color enjoying nature and celebrating life and love.






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