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Founder, Project Manager, Event Organizer : The A/Project (art + music exhibition) / balloonUP + ArtHouse95 with & The Bronx Brewery


My signature event that I created, curated, organized, and promoted into one of the most successful events at the The purpose of the event was to unite live music and visual artists under one collective presentation called, The A/V Project (also known as, The Afronaut/Visual Project). The A/V Project featured live musical performances and showcased art installations in collaboration with The Bronx Brewery and The event was held annually at the Wix Community Lounge in midtown Manhattan as part of the CMJ Music Marathon festival from 2013-2016, and later The Knitting Factory (Brooklyn).

Projects highlights included:

- Handled booking, advancing & logistics for event featuring performances by over 50+ artists including: Jurassic5, Kwame Darko, Raye Zaragoza, AYOINMOTION, & Taela Naomi

- Curator of live art installations including multimedia visuals in live painting, body painting, photography, video production, projections, animations, cartoons, etc.

- Avg annual attendance: 327 people

- Secured sponsorships/partnerships from The Bronx Brewery, Trader Joes,, Kulchah, Grolsh Beer, Afropunk, & Scion

Content creation included:

- Interactive art (design & production; marketing materials)

- Website Redesign + additional graphic design

- Video Production (statement video/ staff interview videos/ social media content)

- Mailing list development (over 1200+)

- Publicity (Afropunk, NPR’s Colorlines, TheRoot, The Spectrum Lounge, Shadow & Act)  

- Content Creation (BTS photography & videography onset in LA)


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