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multimedia artist
dj / producer

Multi-media artist, MH the Verb uses afro-futurism to build community while blending jazz, funk, hip hop, and electronic arts. The MC/DJ/Producer has built a spacey catalog by mixing live instrumentation & studio production featuring musicians from his Philadelphia-based collective, ArtHouse95. Complimented by his deep voice and poetic activism, MH the Verb speaks to multiple generations with anthemic power delivering flows like affirmations. His empowering series, #AFRONAUT has been acclaimed by Afropunk, Okayplayer, Complex, Mass Appeal, HipHopDX, and NPR. MH the Verb is a full live experience mixing multiple vocalists, rappers, a fusion band, live visuals and a DJ. Imagine what you'd see & hear from a collaboration between The Roots, Parliament Funkadelic, and Flying Lotus... MH the Verb is truly out of this world.


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